What this is about

The Washington Canyon Coalition is a collaborative of recreational and professional canyoneers who live in the Pacific Northwest and actively canyon in Washington State. Our focus is safe & responsible access to canyons, partnership with land managers, and care and protection of the natural resources.

protecting canyon environments

Washington State boasts some of the world's most pristine canyon environments. Many are free from invasive species and erosion impacts, and we are committed to keeping them that way.

Canyon access

The Washington Canyon Coalition is committed to ensuring access to our canyons in a way that is low-impact, sustainable, safe, and beneficial to the broader community. We communicate land manager requests to our community, and represent our community's needs to our land managers. We rely on our community to weigh in on key issues.

a safe and welcoming community

We invite everyone, especially historically excluded groups, to learn how to safely and responsibly experience Washington State's aquatic canyons. We are committed to helping folks find educational opportunities, to publishing good beta on ropewiki, and to collectively maintaining our canyons. 

important recreation access & conservation groups