The Future of Canyon Access

urgent: become informed

Access issues are complex, and in order to be effective, you must understand the fundamentals of public land management in the US, and have some background on current issues. You will NOT have time to learn this when it's time to take urgent action. So - it is critical for you to take the time NOW to learn, and we are making it as easy as possible by presenting a video, additional links, and summary text below. Grab some snacks, and give 23 minutes of your undivided attention to this video, so that you can be ready to act when the time comes.

TAKE ACTION: Wilderness climbing plans are open for public comment. Read more and submit a comment!

Additional resources

Read Section 7.2 (page 15) of Directors Order #41 as it relates to the Wilderness Act. Read this February 2023 update from the Access Fund which provides important history on wilderness bolting.

Read the Ross Lake National Recreation Area General Management Plan from 2012. Pay special attention to Pages 78-93, which highlight the current management plan by zone.